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Stop smoking hypnotherapy

Using hypnotherapy to stop smoking works

Many of us have at times thought we could do with quitting smoking to feel a little healthier and save money, as cigarettes are getting more and more expensive. Maybe you've tried to quit before, but have gone back to smoking, this is quite common.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy works by accessing your subconscious mind by using relaxing hypnosis. However, you need to want to stop and I will be challenging your beliefs in my session with you.

Quit smoking hypnosis

Hypnosis is safe and has been around for many years. So no matter how many cigarettes you smoke right now hypnosis will work. When you have tried to stop smoking before, it’s a well known fact that the more you deny yourself something, the more your mind tells you, you must have it. Does that sound familiar?

Essentially the imagination (subconscious) will always be stronger than the will. Your subconscious has many experiences stored there that tells you that quitting smoking is impossible, it’s hard, you will become irritable, you will fail, and guess what, inevitably you will.

Why do we smoke?

Smoking is a compulsive behaviour triggered by a variety of emotional reasons but can be driven by the level of stress and anxiety you are experiencing. For a short while you experience some comfort and satisfaction by having a cigarette, but soon after comes the guilt, disappointment and loathing of yourself which furthers the cycle of compulsive behaviour. Other oral compulsive behaviours include eating and drinking. The overweight person that over eats is literally wearing the results of their compulsive behaviour, whereas the smoker runs the risk of getting lung cancer and has the results of smoking carried with them, for example bad breath, which then lowers self esteem and confidence further. Sometimes will-power is not enough to change a lifetime’s habits and emotions around smoking and the mind is the key to unlock and change these behaviours.

Using Hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Clinical Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking (otherwise known as suggestion therapy)
If you are a smoker and would like to quit, then combining 'Smoking Hypnosis', visualisation and positive suggestions is an excellent way to help motivate yourself to quit right away. This is a powerful technique using your own mind to bring about a positive change within yourself and is applied in one session, this therapy is suitable for anyone who is serious about quitting.

Act Now if you want to improve your relationship with your health and smoking, quit smoking now. You can discuss your concerns and together we can decide on a course of therapy best suited to your needs and outcomes.

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