The Thrive Programme

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Wayne Dyer

What is The Thrive Programme?

The Thrive Programme, created by therapist Rob Kelly, is a unique and highly effective psychological training programme designed for anyone who wants to overcome their problems and symptoms in life and simply Thrive!

The Thrive Programme is a culmination of Rob’s 25 years of insightful clinical experience with real people presenting with a wide range of psychological symptoms, underpinned by extensive published research which is referenced at the back of The Thrive Workbook which accompanies the programme.

If you want to overcome anxiety, depression, OCD, lose weight, gain more confidence and increase self-esteem, overcome fears and phobias such as social anxiety and emetophobia, move on from relationship breakups then THRIVE is the programme for you.

In my opinion this is the only programme that quite simply helps everyone, even if you think there is nothing holding you back, you can still improve your life with this programme! As a previous client said to me,’ it’s like having a mind tidy-up!

How can Thrive help me?

Most people do not realise that many of their problems, issues and symptoms, even illnesses in life are created and or maintained by their self-limiting belief systems and personal thinking styles. Often people think that their symptoms ‘happen to them’ and consequently feel powerless to overcome them.

We tend to think that our thinking styles are a fixed rigid part of ourselves, but in reality they are just old habits, and with some effort and commitment we can actually change the way we think about things! If thinking got us into our symptoms, thinking can get us out!

Think about it, two people suffer a similar trauma, why does one get through it relatively psychologically intact and the other finds it’s very difficult to cope and to move on? Our belief systems and thinking styles will govern how we perceive and process the event and subsequently how we deal with it.

It also depends on whether we ourselves believe we have the coping ability and skills to effectively deal with it. If we feel powerless over the situation/event/illness /symptom we tend to struggle, feeling we don’t have the inner strength to cope.

The Thrive Programme will give you insight into your personality, your thinking styles, and uncover the belief systems that are holding you back.

When you truly understand how your mind works, i.e. the interaction between your thoughts, emotions and feelings and how you react in certain situations, you can make the changes necessary to gain perspective, take control and change the way you think to overcome your anxiety, phobia, lack of confidence etc.

This is such an empowering programme because I don’t do anything to you, with my help you make the changes and you see the results! Therefore you know that whatever challenging situations you are faced with in the future, you have the skills, knowledge and ability to meet them head on.

What happens in the sessions?

Accompanying the programme is a workbook and you’ll be asked to read around 2 chapters each week outside of the sessions, highlighting all the bits you feel are appropriate to you, or you just find interesting, doing the simple self- insight exercises as you go.

The two chapters form the basis of the session, with me bringing the programme to life with metaphors, examples and techniques to help you fully understand before moving on. I aim to make the sessions interesting, fun and enlightening.

The sessions are not about digging up the past, this programme is all about you moving forward. When you truly understand yourself and can manage your thinking well in any given situation you can move on with newfound confidence and skills that will last you a lifetime.

Thrive Consultant Licenced practitioner Bournemouth

You now have a choice, if you’re ready to take the next step and truly change your life for the better give me a call to make an appointment for a free, initial consultation to confidentially discuss your needs.

There is no obligation or pressure to proceed at this meeting. Please note that if I am with a client when you call it will go to a confidential voicemail, but please leave me a message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.