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Do you need help with weight Loss? Many of us have at times have thought we could do with losing a few pounds. Do you try different diets only to quickly fall off the wagon? Have you lost weight only to quickly regain it? Or maybe you have been a regular at a diet club for losing weight for many years.

Maybe you’ve added a few pounds following Christmas or your annual holiday. Our weight can and does fluctuate to a certain degree at different times of the year which is totally normal.

But for some, trying to shed those unwanted pounds can prove to be a bit of a struggle at times and more often than not the weight is regained.

Why weight loss diets don’t work…

Personally I detest the word DIET, it conjures up visions of denial. It suggests there is a beginning and an end, what happens at the end? Even the terms ‘watching’ our weight or ‘trying’ to lose weight are negative suggestions. Our subconscious mind uses these negative suggestions against us making us bound to fail in our bid to lose weight.

In simple physiological terms, we all know that to lose weight we need to eat less and move more.  This requires will power which on its own rarely works. By focusing on diets, food, calories and food points, our minds are rarely away from the whole subject.

Do you wake up thinking about food?

Waking up thinking about food, what we’re allowed to have, what we’re not allowed to have. Whether it’s a green/red day, how many points we can have. Have we saved enough sins for a glass of wine!

Our whole lives revolve around food; it’s enough to send anyone straight to the biscuit tin! It’s a well known fact that the more you deny yourself something, the more your mind tells you, you must have it.

Does that sound familiar? Essentially the imagination  will always be stronger than the conscious will. Your subconscious has many experiences stored there that tells you that dieting is impossible, it’s hard, you will become irritable, you will fail, and guess what, inevitably you will.

First steps in your weight loss journey…

Therefore understanding how your mind works should be your first steps in your weight-loss journey. Changing it to a MINDSET of success and a firm belief that you are able to achieve your weight-loss goals is crucial.

The internet is full of sites with information on food and exercise, many of them very good. But what is rarely talked about is the psychology behind overeating, why we do it and why we self sabotage.

Why do we overeat?

Overeating or comfort eating is a compulsive behaviour which can be triggered by a variety of emotional reasons. Often  levels of boredom, stress and anxiety  can push us towards food as a coping strategy.

For a short while you experience some comfort and satisfaction by having that extra slice of cake, but soon after comes the guilt, disappointment and loathing of yourself which furthers the cycle of compulsive behaviour. The knock on effect to your confidence and self esteem is huge, only serving to doubt your ability to actually lose weight at all. If you fear failure you will not give 100% effort into reaching your goals.

Other oral compulsive behaviours include smoking and drinking, but unlike comfort eating the negative consequences are internal. The overweight person is literally wearing the results of their compulsive behaviour which then lowers self esteem and confidence further.

Dieting alone is unable to change a lifetime’s habits and emotions around food and the mind is the key to unlock and change these behaviours.

Self Esteem will affect how you lose weight…

For many people self esteem depends on how attractive they feel, how slim they are. Being in control of their weight is very important to avoid the feelings of low self worth and not feeling good enough.

However we all see stories of people that have become slimmer of the year only to put all the weight back on and sometimes more. The feelings of low self worth come from within and are more than just skin deep. No matter how much weight you lose, if those if those feelings are still present the motivation to continue or maintain your weight loss will undoubtedly disappear.

If  low self esteem is an issue for you we can explore the reasons and thinking and around this. By changing your negative self image and self esteem beliefs to those that are positive, you will be in a far better state of mind and motivation to successfully lose weight.

Using hypnosis for successful weight loss…

Weight loss Hypnotherapy (otherwise known as suggestion therapy). If your eating habits are what you would consider fairly regular, with normal weight fluctuations and you would just like a quick start to lose those few extra pounds and feel fabulous, then Hypnotherapy for weight loss could be for you.

Combining beliefs work and Hypnosis to help visualise your weight loss goals, and positive suggestions for motivation is an excellent way to help you to eat healthily, exercise and change your behaviours around food.

This is a powerful technique using your own mind to bring about a positive change within yourself.  Applied over three sessions, this therapy is suitable for anyone with around a stone or less to lose.

More than a stone in weight to lose…

If you want to improve your relationship with food, achieve and sustain the weight that’s right for you and be able to enjoy eating without the associated feelings of guilt, please give me a call.

If you are looking for weight management guidance then take advantage of my FREE complementary consultation. I can offer you a confidential, caring and supportive environment for you to discuss your weight issues. We can discuss your aims and goals and together we can decide on a course of therapy best suited to your needs and outcomes.

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