What is hypnosis and does hypnosis work?

What is hypnosis and does hypnosis work
What is hypnosis and does hypnosis work

This page is about ‘what is hypnosis’, and whether it works. Hypnotherapy can be used for anxiety and depression, for successful weight loss and a range of other symptoms.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a totally natural state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness.

Hypnosis isn’t anything magical or mystical. In fact, hypnosis is a phenomenon that we all enjoy on a daily basis, mostly without realising it.

Hypnosis is a state of total relaxation…

If you’re wondering how hypnotherapy works, well we all know and love that delicious feeling when we’re dropping off to sleep. Or similarly when we’re absorbed in a good book or film.

Maybe when driving you’ve become aware that you’ve missed a few miles, that is referred to as waking hypnosis.

When we are totally relaxed…our senses are heightened…

Whilst we’re totally relaxed our senses are heightened and our minds are more open to positive suggestions for our well-being. Whether it’s changing negative behaviour patterns and stopping something you no longer want to do, or increasing confidence and being able to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Hypnosis explained…

Hypnosis and its use for therapeutic benefit is widely believed to have been around for literally thousands of years.

Today it is widely accepted as a complementary therapy that offers a fast, effective but gentle way of assisting many emotional, psychological and anxiety based symptoms.

So what can hypnotherapy be used to cure?

Hypnotherapy can be used to cure a wide range of symptoms, which includes hypnotherapy for weight losshypnotherapy for anxietyhypnosis for sleephypnosis for depression and many more.

Misconceptions about Hypnosis

On occasion clients come to me with preconceived ideas of what hypnosis is about. Some believe that it is about mind control, having watched stage hypnotists at work.

Hypnosis for therapeutic benefit is purely about relaxation and you. You as my client remains in control throughout the hypnotherapy session. You are awake at all times and you cannot be made to do anything against your own will.

Jo Daughters Hypnotherapist in Bournemouth & Dorset - Help with anxiety and depression
Jo Daughters Hypnotherapist in Bournemouth & Dorset – Hypnosis explained for you.

Hypnosis is a one of the ‘tools in my therapy box‘…

Hypnotherapy is only one of the tools I use to help you with your symptoms, be it anxiety, depression or needing to lose weight. In fact most times I don’t use hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is merely a tool to aid relaxation and assist the process of therapy and the only thing you would ever be asked to do is talk.

What happens in hypnosis?

During a hypnotherapy session I will gently talk you into a lovely state of relaxation. I use pleasant visualisation techniques, progressive muscle relaxation and some light background music.

Some of my clients report feeling heavy and lethargic. Whilst others feel light and tingly, but all report a feeling of calmness and total relaxation.

What is hypnotherapy and is hypnotherapy different to hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy in which I use hypnotism as the core of the treatment. Once the you are in a relaxed state, in a state of suggestibility, then the therapy will begin. Hypnosis is the tool for me to bring about the relaxed state of mind, which is what’s needed for it to be open to positive suggestion.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Initially my task is to establish rapport with you, as this is extremely important for you to feel relaxed. It is crucial, in order for the ‘hypnotherapy to work’, for you to have total confidence and trust in me as your therapist.

A part of this trust-building part of the session involves encouraging you to talk about your concerns. Remembering always that the hypnotherapy sessions are private and in complete confidence.

Depending on the circumstances, and the symptoms to be treated, I will spend time with you to take a clinical history. This will not only establishing a clinical record about you, but also the discussion contributes to building trust and confidence between us.

I want you to feeling safe, comfortable and secure with me before we begin any hypnosis, as this aids the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy session.

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